Healthy living is an essential aspect of our lives as our body matures and with the advancement in medical technology, we can detect body problems more efficiently. However, prevention is better than cure and by maintaining a healthy diet lifestyle, you can enjoy living to the fullest!

Gluten-free diet in Singapore has been around for some time but contrary to many, it started out not as a health benefit but as an alternative to people with the Celiac Disease. As known from the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF), this disease is an autoimmune disorder where the intake of gluten can lead to damage in the small intestine and prevent nutrients from being properly absorbed into the body.

For people with the disease, the only treatment as of today is to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet by avoiding food containing wheat, rye and barley. Even a small intake of such food can lead to substantial damage of the small intestine. As consumers in Singapore become more conscious of the food they're consuming, gluten-free products are slowly but surely gaining more awareness at supermarkets and restaurants.

By embarking on a gluten-free diet and based on the way you go about this diet, you can change your way of living through our products which are lower in carbohydrates and also provides a more organic way of food intake. There are many out of the world gluten-free recipes that deliver both the taste and benefits. So how do you choose the suitable products for your gluten-free diet? Firstly, it is important to balance your gluten-free diet and make sure your intake is not lacking in any nutrition like iron, fiber, good carbohydrates, etc. Secondly, check the labels to make sure that what you are purchasing is really gluten-free as there are indeed some products out there that contain hidden gluten.

Regardless of the reason for your gluten-free diet, Glutenfreesg.com is the place to go for affordable quality gluten free products. As a renowned online store in Singapore, our team is passionate in promoting the best gluten-free products for your health interest. Ranging from baking products, snacks to beverages and alcohol, we want all to enjoy delicious food without worrying on the gluten content. With the many restrictions of going gluten free, we have sourced far and wide to bring you the most unexpected products you thought you could not have.

Not only do we offer the most competitive prices on the market, we also offer exclusive gluten-free products from USA, New Zealand and Australia that includes baking produce and even coffee!

We understand that there are many individuals that not only has to adhere to strict gluten-free diet but other dietary needs as well; which is why, we offer some products that are dairy-free, egg-free, halal, less sugar, nut-free, soy-free or vegan and many more.

Gluten-free diet in Singapore is fast becoming a trend and our products have proved to be popular and true to our gluten-free community in Singapore. Feel free to browse through our catalogue of products and we hope you can find the products that suit your palette without worrying about the gluten content – because there is none at all!

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