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Devodier Ham Culatello 80g

Devodier Ham Culatello 80g

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Ham Culatello 80g is naturally cured, without preservatives, in the Ancient Cellars Devodier. A prestigious classic: while sweet on the palate, balanced in salt and aromas, with a strong cured meat flavour. Evidently, each slice of our ham has a soft and natural consistency, being freshly cut. What is more, there’s also the special high-grammage packaging made in a protected atmosphere. Undoubtedly, Devodier’s Culatello creates a perfect balance of taste.

” A product with a deconstructed and strong taste. That melts in your mouth. And takes you on a journey of sensation. All in only one slice.”

Undeniably, over the years our product has seduced the refined taste buds of many gourmets.

Ingredients: Devodier’s selection of the finest pork meats from the best farmers, rigorously Italian, sea salt

About Devodier

Devodier is not simply a company; Devodier is a family. Throughout generations, Devodier works to transform each and every one of our products into a masterpiece of flavor. Technique, territory, raw materials, and experience are  of course vital, but what really makes their products standout is their love for the noble yet ancient practice of Italian charcuterie.

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