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Dewazakura Ouka Ginjyo Sake 300ml x 3

Dewazakura Ouka Ginjyo Sake 300ml x 3

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Dewazakura Ouka Ginjyo Sake was released in 1980, with the intention of making ginjyo-type sake available at an affordable price. Its strong fruit fragrances and refreshing aftertaste was well-received, and triggered the so-called ‘Ginjyo boom’.

The sake is fresh and fruity and is especially famous for its aroma, which even SK-II referenced to when developing their cosmetic products. Furthermore, under the careful supervision of a Tambatoi master it features the exquisite harmony of a dry and crisp aftertaste along with an understated, mellow aftertaste.

Japanese Name: 出羽桜 桜花 吟醸
Prefecture: Yamagata
Alcohol by volume: 15~16%
Dryness scale: +5
Ingredients: Japanese rice
Recommended serving temperature: Chilled, Room temperature


300ml x 3

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