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Kikusui Junmai Ginjyo Sake 300ml x 4

Kikusui Junmai Ginjyo Sake 300ml x 4

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Kikusui Junmai Ginjyo Sake has a light, playful essence with the perfect dash of dry and crisp. This is a premium Sake with the aroma of fresh cantaloupe and banana followed by medium body bringing refreshing Mandarin orange like overtones. With just the right amount of body, it enhances any dish you eat. This is a great white wine alternative that is perfect for Sake lovers and beginners alike.

Being surprisingly smooth, you’ll find yourself unable to resist the comforting freshness, which comes from the highly-polished riced used for its brewing. Its medium-body taste delivers a touch of Mandarin orange, making this sake a unique substitute for a white wine that could easily become a house favorite.

Japanese Name: 菊水 純米吟醸酒
Prefecture: Niigata
Alcohol by volume: 15% – 16%
Acidity: 1.4
Recommended serving temperature: Chilled, Room temperature

300ml x 4

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