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Japanese Namisato Gluten Free Okonomiyaki Flour 300g

Japanese Namisato Gluten Free Okonomiyaki Flour 300g

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This Japanese Namisato gluten free okonomiyaki flour is made mainly from Japanese rice flour. It contains dashi (Japanese soup stock), making it easy to make moist and fluffy okonomiyaki. Simply place this product in a bowl, and mix with your favorite ingredients. You can even make your favorite Okonomiyaki without the use of egg.

Storage: Please avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity. Please store at room temperature.

Ingredients: Rice (domestic), bonito seasoning, salt, kelp extract powder/expanding agent, seasoning (amino acid, etc.)

Servings per pack: 12
Serving Size: 65g
Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy 345kJ
Protein 6.0g
- Gluten Nil
Fat 0.9g
Carbohydrate 79.8g
Salt equivalent 2.8g


About Namisato

Our company, Namisato, whose motto has been "cherishing the breath of nature!" since its founding, has sincerely faced these issues and is striving to provide products to customers that are "naturally delicious and safe." In June 2022, our head office factory in Sano City and Ashikaga factory in June 2022 received certification of the international standard for food safety management systems, FSSC22000.

We cherish the inheritance of Japan's ancient food culture, and under the new slogan [Thinking of seeds, thinking of people, and thinking of happiness], we value the breath of nature and the connections between people. 

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