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Nonino Grappa Tradizione 700ml

Nonino Grappa Tradizione 700ml

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Nonino Grappa Tradizione is a white Grappa alcohol that is clear and crystalline in color. It is obtained from fresh pomace of white and red grapes, fermented at controlled temperature. Immediately following fermentation, distillation takes place in special artisanal batch steam stills. With typical elegant hints of ripe grapes, white fruit and aromatic herbs hover from the glass. The sip is pleasant, fresh, round and fruity, and balanced.

This Nonino Grappa originates from the ancient artisan tradition that has always characterized the production of the distillery. The nose will enjoy the scent of freshly picked grapes, recalling nuances of aromatic herbs on the finish. The sensation of lightness continues in the mouth, where drinking is refreshing.

A perfect bottle to savour in a classic way, but can also give life by serving with a slice of lemon and sprig rosemary. Yet another way to enjoy an absolute quality distillate. After dinner, when you need a quality sip to end the day, this Grappa is really what you need.
Glass: Tall tulip goblet. The tall tulip glass for the White Grappa is tall and sinuous in order not to heat the distillate with the warmth of the hand and to allow you to perceive the aromatic range in all its complexity.

Serving temperature: 10-12deg. C
Alcohol Content: 38%
Origin: Friuli, Italy


700 ml
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