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Organic Gluten Free Fusilli 250g

Organic Gluten Free Fusilli 250g

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Alce Nero gluten-free fusilli is made exclusively with corn and rice grown in Italy. The recipe has been designed to achieve the right balance between the flavours of the white and yellow corn and the rice. The expertise involved in crafting this spaghetti gives life to a flavour which is similar to that of durum wheat semolina. Its consistency when cooked is excellent, allowing it to retain its original shape and fragrant flavour. The special extrusion process creates a rough surface, which is great for absorbing tomato sauces, as well as others.

Allergen information: May contains traces of lupin and soya.

Ingredients: organic corn flour, organic rice flour.

  Avg Per 100g
Energy 1499kJ / 353cal
Protein 7 g
Fat – Total 1.4g
 – Saturated 0.5g
Carbohydrate 77g
 – Sugars 2g
Fibre 1g
Sodium 0.05g


About Alce Nero

Thus Alce Nero became a distinctive voice within the market, and one which went against the current. Our very logo is emblematic: It depicts Alce Nero (Black Elk), medicine man and Native American chief of the Oglala Sioux tribe, riding in the opposite direction, carrying his message beyond all borders and speaking of new, ever-possible concepts.

This is why we have striven to free the land from poisons ever since, striving to preserve its biodiversity and assuming environmental responsibility, which is in the making. In other words, it isn’t limited. Our farming partners are themselves the drivers of this change and the first to interpret our food. We made the choice to be the supply chain. We select the fields and the people. We take care of our enterprise, all the way from the land to processing, right down to every single ingredient, so that we can achieve authentic, organic produce. This is all done so that we can offer real, wholesome food, because your health is your wealth.

We chose to innovate ceaselessly. There are no additives in our food because — let’s be clear — they do not constitute food. We try to take part and to be the change we would like to see. It’s the change we would like to live.

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