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Devodier Parma Ham 24M 80g

Devodier Parma Ham 24M 80g

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Devodier Parma Ham 24M is sweet and tempting. It is fragrant and soft to the palette. The pink slice interspersed with the juicy white fat. Its fragrant aroma and light taste have been the mainstays of this perfect ham for more than 50 years.

In the words of Gambero Rosso – Grandi Salumi, “Wonderful structure, velvety and moist, and so tender, especially the sweet fat that melts in your mouth.”

Devodier Ham Parma is top of the range, because it has been cured for at least 24 months. It comes from none other than Devodier’s Ancient Cellars. Produced under the aegis of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma DOP of which Enrico Devodier was one of the founders back in 1963.

Ingredients: Devodier’s selection of the finest pork meats from the best farmers, rigorously Italian.


About Devodier

Devodier is not simply a company; Devodier is a family. Throughout generations, Devodier works to transform each and every one of our products into a masterpiece of flavor. Technique, territory, raw materials, and experience are  of course vital, but what really makes their products standout is their love for the noble yet ancient practice of Italian charcuterie.

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