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Rafael Baro Chorizo Pre-sliced 100g

Rafael Baro Chorizo Pre-sliced 100g

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Rafael Baro Chorizo is made of the best quality meats. Marinated with a combination of paprika and spices. Then stuffed into a natural casing. After that, dry-cured in cellars for a minimum of 6 months. Its unique aroma anticipates the intensity of its flavor, gorgeous and deliciously rich in aromatic hues.

Storage: Store chilled 

Allergen information: A gluten-free product.

Ingredients: cured sausage made with a mix of Ibérico meat and fat, salt, spices and additives, kneaded and stuffed into a natural casing

About Rafael Baro

Since 1912, Rafael Baró has been manufacturing cold meats using ancient and traditional methods. Today, with over a century of tradition, Rafael Baró undergoes constant development and improvement. We are committed to quality and service. Also, we take pride in our customer loyalty. Therefore, maintaining the traditional cold meat production method. We specialise in cured and cooked pork cold meats such as “chorizo”, “fuet”, “secallona”, “salchichon” and bacon. We offer our customers complete traceability to all our meat products. Thus fully guaranteeing our quality and food safety. 

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