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Senorio Iberico Sobrasada Nduja 300g

Senorio Iberico Sobrasada Nduja 300g

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Senorio Iberico Sobrasada Nduja is from 100% acorn-fed Iberico. The head of the loin and the pork jowl forms the raw ingredients. These ingredients were finely chopped to achieve a juicy and uniform texture. The spice mixture of the marinade coupled with a slow maturation renders the unique flavour and aromas distinctive of natural Iberian sausages.

Senorio Iberico Sobrasada Nduja 300g has a creamy texture. This makes it perfect as a spread of purest flavors. Texture wise, it melts on the palate. Hence flooding the tastebuds with an intense and enveloping flavor. The tantalizing taste lingers on in the throat, an extraordinarily exquisite sensation.

A vacuum-packed gift box enhances the value of our Senorio Iberico Sobrasada Nduja 300g.

Allergen information: A perfectly gluten-free, lactose-free and dairy-free product.

Ingredients: Pork meat (36%), pork fat (55%), paprika, salt spices, spice extracts, vegetable fibre, stablizing E451, antioxidants: E316 and E331, and colourant E120.


About Senorio

With a livestock legacy spanning generations, Señorio de Montanera was conceived in 1995 as the brainchild of a group of traditional Iberian breeders in Extremadura. Senorio is concerned with preserving the purity of the Iberian breed and sustainability of the dehesa.

The tradition continues today, driven by a trade carried on across generations. Our purely artisanal production processes are based on the quality of an extraordinary raw ingredient. The mastery of expert hands dedicated to caring for a unique product with its own personality. This is none other than the best acorn-fed Iberico Ham.

At Señorio de Montanera, we take our responsibility to care for our local traditions very seriously. We have acquired a commitment to the gastronomic heritage of our lands. We focus on breeding and creating products from pure acorn-fed Iberian pigs. Our greatest legacy resides in preserving traditional livestock. This ensures the highest quality throughout the entire production process.

Señorio de Montanera is currently the leader in the production of pure Iberico Hams under the Dehesa de Extremadura Designation of Origin. It is available in more than 25 countries around the world. It has a significant presence in Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, France and Canada.

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