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Simonini Salami Pepperoni 1kg

Simonini Salami Pepperoni 1kg

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Since Simonini products are good for everyone, we assure that our Pepperoni is gluten free, as well as soya free and milk derivates free.

By selecting the best chopped meats, prepared internally and mixing them with salt, spices and natural flavourings, we obtain all our seasoned salamis. The slow and gradual maturing carefully controlled with the best monitoring systems gives that "cellar aroma and flavor" for which the best Italian salami is known. From the most artisanal hand-tied salamis to the more industrial ones, our range includes over 70 different types that differ in recipe, mixture, shape and choice of seasoning.

Allergen information: As typical of all Simonini products, Simonini Guanciale is gluten free, as well as soya free and milk derivates free.

Ingredients: pork, iodized salt. dextrose, sucrose, natural flavors, spices, antioxidant: E300. preservative: E252. (?)

2 x 500g

About Simonini

Simonini family is synonimous of tradition, quality and good eating. Since almost one century and four generations the company is based in Castelvetro, a small town on the Modena hills. Without ever changing locations, it has developed expanding more and more but keeping its roots in mind.

Simonini was started by Celestino and Cesarina Simonini in 1927 as a small family-run butcher shop in Modena, Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. In the 1950s they started producing Mortadella. After that, they branched out into a complete range of Italy’s famous cured and cooked meats. Cutting-edge production technologies and state-of-the-art systems were used. These ensure the environment is respected. Most importantly, food safety standards were adhered to strictly.  All these, combined with the dedication, hard work, tenacity and respect for tradition has been passed down in the Simonini family over the years.

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