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Tentaka Umakara Futsushu Sake 720ml x 2

Tentaka Umakara Futsushu Sake 720ml x 2

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Tentaka Umakara Futsushu Sake is discreet, smooth-tasting with no hint of rough rice. It has a delicate nose that hinges on cereals and dried fruits. Half dry, rich unami refreshes the palate with a slight bitter finish, giving a clean and elegant feeling to the mouth. Still youthful but great poise and an umami mid-palate with a smooth mouthfeel and a long-lasting pure finish. With that full and sophisticated flavor, it cleanses the palate, even after eating a heavy meal. 

Type of Sake: Futsu
Type of Rice: Uses 60% Gohyakumangoku and Other Rice
Alcohol Content: 15%
Recommended Serving Temperature: Chilled or Warm

720ml x 2

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